Our Founders

Prof. Dr. Dilek Boyacıoğlu

Dilek Boyacıoğlu was born in Izmir in 1959. Upon graduation from the School of Food Engineering of Ege University, she started her graduate study at the same school and completed it in 1985. In 1992, she received her PhD degree in the area of Grain Science from North Dakota State University in USA. Since 193, she’s been teaching at the Food Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University. Between 1996 and 1997, Boyacioglu worked as a researcher at the I.A. Watson Grains Research Center of University of Sydney in Australia. Boyacioglu served as the Head of Food Engineering Department of ITU between 2000 and 2006 and between 2009 and 2012. During these terms, she successfully managed the process for accreditation of the program by ABET for two times. In addition she served in numerous administrative positions at ITU, including ADEK board membership, ABET Supreme Advisory Board membership and ITU EU Research Office Presidency.

In recent years, Boyacioglu’s research work has been focusing mainly on functional food chemistry and sensory analysis. In addition to numerous research papers published at the international and national level, Boyacioglu also provides consultancy services to numerous non-governmental organizations and serves as scientific board member at different institutions. She is a member of Institute of Food Technologist (IFT) and the Honorary Board Member of  TMMOB Chamber of Food Engineers. In addition, she also serves as the independent reviewer of the food-engineering program of MUDEK as a reflection of her emphasis on maintaining a high level of education quality at institutes of higher education. In 2013, she founded SBS Scientific Bio Solutions LLC. with Asli Elif Sunay who has profound experience in food engineering, with the goal of implementing innovative ideas based on scientific research.

Aslı Elif Tanuğur Samancı

Aslı Elif Tanuğur was graduated from the Department of Food Engineering of İstanbul
Technical University in 1996. She has been awarded a Master of Science degree by
the same university in 2006. Her thesis involved research on the determination of
origin in honey. She has been working as R&D and Quality Director since the year
2000 at private sector. Her research interest focused on bee products
characterization with a particular emphasis on analytical methodology. Under this
area she directed many R&D projects which were supported by The Scientific and
Technological Research Council of Turkey and Undersecretariat of the Prime Ministry
for Foreign Trade and also other national and international organizations. Her
projects were also awarded by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of
Turkey, İstanbul Chamber of Commerce and Eurowards Turkey. She also has
expertise on Food Safety and Quality Assurance Management Systems and
Laboratory Management Systems like ISO 9001, ISO 22000 ve BRC and ISO-17025.
She has many scientific publications and presentations worldwide about properties
and analysis of bee products on international congresses and symposia. She is also
the author of the sector guideline “Good Hygienic Practices for Honey Packers” which
was also prepared under a project managed by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural
Affairs of Turkish Republic. As the project coordinator, she is also the founder of
İstanbul Technical University Bee Products Excellence Center.
She decided to set up her own company in 2013 with the propolis extract that she developed. So she
started producing propolis and also other bee products for the first time in Turkey by
Contracted Beekeeping Business Model in her own company which she founded in
Istanbul Technical University Technology Development Area with her husband,
Taylan Samancı as an agricultural engineer, and Prof. Dilek Boyacıoğlu as an
academician in Food Engineering Departmant of ITU. Now, she still works as General
Manager and Co-Founder of SBS and sells her unique products in Turkey with the
brand BEE’O and also worldwide with the brand BEE&YOU. She has been granted
nine international and fourteen national awards since the foundation of her

Taylan Samancı

Born in Istanbul in 1978, Taylan Samancı graduated from the School of Apiculture of Mersin University in 1999. After completing his graduate degree at the Department of Zootechnics of the School of Tekirdag Agricultural Engineering of Trakya University, Samanci served as the team leader responsible from numerous projects at Altıparmak Food Industry and Trade Inc. between 2005 and 2013. During this position, Samanci led numerous research projects both at the national and international level. Samanci made numerous presentations and published many research papers both at the national and international levels and is also among the authors of four different books, the last of which is titled “A Guide to Hygiene Practices for Bee Product Manufacturers”. Samanci also organized and gave numerous beekeeping trainings in 55 cities in 7 different regions of Turkey. Samanci is a member of International Honey Commission, the Mirror Committee of Turkish Standards Institute and the member of the royal jelly standard commission of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). He currently serves as the Deputy General Manager of SBS Scientific Bio Solutions LLC.