Our Story

Our company was founded by Mrs. Aslı Elif Tanuğur, a Food Engineer with severeal years of research experience in the area of bee products, Mr. Taylan Samancı, a beekeeping expert and Agricultural Engineer, and a Food Science Professor Mrs. Dilek Boyacıoğlu through a research grant provided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in Istanbul, Turkey in 2013. The motivation of Mrs. Tanugur based on seeking a help from the nature for her child who developed severe immune reactions against several antibiotics has lead her developing and eventually inventing a perfect production method for propolis, while retaining its high biological activity. Today, we are proudly to be the first company producing various bee products through a sustainable business model based on developing long-term contracts with bee keepers in Turkey.  Our products are natural and healthy innovative bee products containing propolis, royal jelly, raw honey, pollen and bee bread harvested from all parts of fascinating flora of Anatolia under the brand names of BEE’O (Turkey) and BEE&YOU (Export). Currently, our products are being exported to 14 different countries including the United States, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, UK, Austria, Qatar, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia.  Our value-added Anatolian Propolis products have been granted 26 respectful national and international awards for superior quality and innovation.  Currently, the company operates in a 3000 square meter facility with 95 employees in Istanbul, Turkey. 

BEE’O Propolis is a producer of bee products through its unique contract-based beekeeping business model developed as the first time in Turkey. This business model allows us to control the conditions of beekeeping practices under the agreement and trace the products from hive to table.  We support our beekeepers by providing training and materials through valuable efforts of our teams of agriculture engineers and beekeepers in various regions of Turkey. Today, we are working with 500 beekeepers having a total of 150,000 beehives.   This model enables us to comply with “Fair Trade” principles contributing to the development and sustainability of beekeeping by declaring how much we will pay for each product at the beginning of the season.  Propolis harvested from our beehives is converted into value-added products through innovative techniques we developed at our research laboratory at Techno-Park area of Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey. Currently, our products are available at domestic or international online retailers in addition to various shops and pharmacies in Turkey, the USA, and many countries.  

Our products are being sold through our Turkish e-commerce site (www.beeo.com.tr) and various major retailers such as Carrefour Gurme, Macrocenter, Migros at more than 1500 different points of sale and 10000 pharmacies under the brand name of BEE’O UP in Turkey. Moreover, our products are available in the USA via owned e-commerce site (www.bee-and-you.com) in addition to major online retailers - Amazon, Wallmart, E-Bay-, 3000 CVS pharmacies, and 1500 natural and organic marketing points. Currently, our products are being exported to 14 different countries.